Happy Holidays!

  happy holidays every body! may 2013 be a lucky healthy year! Advertisements


ONE day left till doomsday. Tomorrow is the day that the mayas predict the day of doom, the end of the world. This predictions is based on the calendar of the Mayas, who… Continue reading

Social Shift

We always known the individualistic society. We lived almost 50 years with the mentality to take care for ourself. Everyone is an original. Unicity and your own evolvement is important. We search for products… Continue reading

Escape of Mind

We live in a world that goes fast and strenuous. We have constantly contact with everybody and want the best of everything. We live in a world that is 24/7 accessible. New opportunities… Continue reading

How Social media changes our world.

Extreme Appearance

We want to stand out, be different and be unique in our own way. We do this with our looks. We create our look, so that we can be individual and unique. But some… Continue reading

Ugly food

In octobre I went to the exposition de etende mens (the eating human). This exposition is made by Marije Vogelzang. In this exposition Marije let us think about where food comes from and the design… Continue reading

Dutch Design Week

Last week I went to the Dutch Design Week. A week full of design, creativity and inspiration. At the Dutch Design Week I went to the graduation of students from the Design Academy… Continue reading


A graphic designer Paul Marcinkowski made an infographic about Tatoos as his schoolproject for the Academy Of Fine Arts. The infographic shows that in America 24% has no tattoo. That is a remarkable… Continue reading

Safe Warm Cozy

Do you know the feeling that you want to seperate yourselve from the rest of the world. Just want to be at home where you can sit by the fireplace or watch a… Continue reading