Michel Foucault was a French philosopher and historian who lived from 1926 till 1984. In the subject and power Foucault investigates and researched the relation of power. He has done a lot of research about power and what it does to people.

Foucault mentions that where there is power there is resistance. He talks about examples like resistance of power man have over woman, parents have over children, and psychiatry has over people with a psychic disorder and the government over the inhabitants. Maybe we don’t notice it but a lot in this world is controlled with power and people resist this. It is battle against authority. These fights are transverse colectomy and hence not confined to a particular geography, economy of political form of government. The aim of the struggles is to combat the effects of power. The struggles are immediate; they focus on the closest enemy, who are on there skin. They don’t focus on the chief enemy, but on the closest enemy. The struggles question the status of the individual. It’s not so much about the individual but the struggles are more against controlling individualisation. The struggles are an opposition to the effects of power that are linked to knowledge, competence, and qualification. But also resistance against secrecy, deformation and mystifying representations imposed on people. To sum up, the main objectives of these struggles is to attack not so much ‘such or such’ an institution of power, or group, or elite, or class but rather a technique, a form of power. This form of power applies itself to immediate everyday life, which categorizes the individual, marks him by his own individuality, attaches him to his own identity, imposes a law of truth on him which he must recognize and which others have to recognize in him. It is a form of power, which makes individuals subjects. There are two meanings of the subject. 1. Subject to someone else by control and dependence. 2. Tied to his identity by a conscience or self- knowledge. These are both a form of power, which subjugates and makes subject to. Foucault concludes that the reason why it is difficult for a subject to break away from ideology is because of political structure of the state. The political, ethical, social and philosophical issue will not free us from the state. But we have to liberate the individual both from the state as well as the form of individualization that is linked to the state.

I really recognize the situation in Turkey in Foucault’s analyzed about power, because it is not going really smooth in the government of Turkey. There is a lot of resistance against the government, which causes a lot of protest. Foucault says secrecy; deformation and mystifying representations are creating resistance against the person who have power. I think this is the case with the government in Turkey and that is why it is creating resistance against the government. Also if it comes to power the facts alone cannot decide but the influence you have as the person who has the power. Moreover certain descriptions even if they appear false to us, can be made ‘true’ through power, because people act on them believing that they are true, and so their actions have real consequences. It depends on the knowledge, competence and qualification we have. For example, whether the Palestinians are terrorists or not, if we think they are, and act on that knowledge, they become terrorist in our eyes because we treat them as such. Power creates reality. What people say creates power; if power only would work on punishment then people would not obey.