Imperfect the new perfect

You could say that now people are appreciating the raw reality more than the polished reality.  It is more important to accept who you are that means to accept your flaws.

19 years old Chantel has a skin disease vitiligo which causes spots on her body. Instead of covering this up with make up she is proud of it and shows it. She shared modell pictures of herself at her instagram account, where she has about 98.000 followers. Chantell is the first person with vitiligo who is asked to model for fashion brands.

I accepted  how God made me “to be original” and that’s “the way I’m supposed to be.”


Also the designer Javier Reyes wanted to encourage flaws with his new collection. During the fashion week in Zurich he lets his models walk with a unibrow.


Just to show that fashion is not always about perfection. Imperfection is even more inspiring.