Healthy is the new norm.

Eating healthy and working out is the new must. The developments for a ideal body went from the curves of Marilyn Monroe to being really skinny and it landed now with just being healthy. There are a lot of books that don’t focus on the diet but just eating healthier. They say you should not do a diet but change your whole way of lifestyle.  Clean eating is an example. Eating clean is simply the practice of avoiding processed and refined foods and basing your diet on whole foods.

But if u decide to eat healthier or begin with working out, you don’t do that alone but in a community. The social media is an important tool for people to get motivated. A lot of working out programs or diet books make use of social media to create a community. Instagram to share your healthy food pictures or work out pictures. Twitter to share your motivation quotes and tips for a healthy lifestyle. Blogs to share your journey to a healthier lifestyle. And so on. Everyone is sharing their journey to get more healthier and this is why it is catching on. Everyone sees the story of the people who are eating healthier and get more motivated to begin to eat healthy as well. Schermafbeelding 2014-05-06 om 13.00.54