Michel Foucault was a French philosopher and historian who lived from 1926 till 1984. In the subject and power Foucault investigates and researched the relation of power. He has done a lot of… Continue reading

Wearable health

New technologies  of wearable devices are coming up. You already have all kind of devices where you can track your health issues and can prepare you to make decision about your health outcomes. Devices… Continue reading



Urban food haven

Eco= self- sufficiency = new luxury. In a previous post I already talked about self- sufficiency. There are more and more products, concepts self-sufficiency related. It seems that we see self- sufficiency as… Continue reading

Imperfect the new perfect

You could say that now people are appreciating the raw reality more than the polished reality.  It is more important to accept who you are that means to accept your flaws. 19 years old… Continue reading

Craving for a salad

In my previous blog I wrote that being healthy is the new norm and that it is really booming to change your lifestyle into a healthy lifestyle. A lot of restaurants are making… Continue reading

Healthy is the new norm.

Eating healthy and working out is the new must. The developments for a ideal body went from the curves of Marilyn Monroe to being really skinny and it landed now with just being… Continue reading


We are living in a healthy, rich and safe world. We have everything we need in life. Poverty is increased from 50% of the population to 20% of the population. This is a… Continue reading

We’re up all night to get lucky!


Whatever you are,